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Although it's a big score, and a long score, in a strange way it had to be very simple.

Dunbar is a very simple, decent man. It's a lovely story about his encounter with the Sioux tribe, and it has a kind of purity to it.

That was the most difficult thing, keeping that simplicity for most of the music.

-John Barry, Composer

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

In May of 2004, I was contacted by a very nice lady named Beth from CineMedia Promotions and asked if I would help promote the release of this soundtrack by posting some information on this fanlisting. I, of course, was thrilled to do so. The following pages are printed here with her permission. Anyone who loves Dances With Wolves also loves the soundtrack. You can relive the movie in your mind just by listening to it... it's that amazing.

original press release / Track Listings / Liner Notes

Music composed and conducted by John Barry
release date May 18, 2004



Expanded Reissues of Dances With Wolves and The Chase Showcase the Talents of Legendary Film Composer John Barry

(April 8, 2004) - New York, NY - In celebration of his recent 70th birthday, Sony Legacy will release two titles by legendary film composer John Barry: The Chase (Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music Soundtrax) and Dances With Wolves (Epic/Legacy/Sony Music Soundtrax). Barry has been nominated for seven Academy Awards®, and has won five times.

At age 33, Barry, who had been writing film music less than 5 years at the time, celebrated 1966 with his first two Oscars for Best Original Score and Song with Born Free. That year also saw the theatrical release of The Chase. Starring Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda, Robert Redford and Angie Dickinson, directed by Arthur Penn (The Miracle Worker, Bonnie and Clyde), based on a book by Horton Foote (who won an Oscar for his screenplay adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird), and produced by Sam Spiegel (On the Waterfront, Lawrence of Arabia), the film wasn't well received by the critics or the public in spite of its outstanding pedigree. Barry's score, however, was extraordinary.

The British-born Barry would have seemed an unlikely choice to score the uniquely American film which follows the prison escape of Texan Bubber Reeves and the subsequent chase that ensues as he tries to go home to see his wife. His contribution was a wonderfully nuanced score, aptly described in the liner notes by journalist Richard Torres as "an aural landscape which is uniquely Southern and utterly ominous."

The 1990 release Dances With Wolves was a landmark film and a landmark score for Barry, who had been out of commission for the previous two years due to health problems. The film earned twelve Academy Award® nominations, winning eight Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director (Kevin Costner), and Best Original Score - Barry's fifth career win. With this reissue Barry's score for Dances With Wolves is presented for the first time in its entirety. This package includes the previously unreleased film versions of "The Buffalo Hunt" and "The John Dunbar Theme", with liner notes by Jon Burlingame (Variety).

The two titles, Dances With Wolves and The Chase will be in stores on May 18, 2004.