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He was a good man. He was my best friend. It has been hard for me to like you. I am not the thinker Kicking Bird is. I always feel anger first. There were no answers to my questions.

But now I think he went away because you were coming.

That is how I see it.

-Wind In His Hair

An Introduction

to the DVD Images

August 21st, 2004

a new scene When I first took the captures for this movie over 3 years ago, I used a computer/dvd program that wasn't able to understand the aspect ratio of the DVD. Because of this, the original captures all came out distorted... everything was stretched vertically. Now, if you didn't have a true aspect image to compare them to, you might not have noticed the difference. But knowing that my images were this way bothered me for a very long time.

I used the Special Edition DVD (extended version) of the movie and a better capture program to take these new images, and they have turned out much better. Since I won't re-capture this movie again, I wanted to get as many images as possible. Over the years, I've had requests to capture certain scenes of the movie, and I hope these new ones will include what people have been asking for. Chris, the images of Fort Sedgewick are for you!

a new scene Some may say that 5 or 6 images of the same scene really weren't necessary, but from an artist's standpoint, they were. I spend a lot of time searching for just the right image when I'm making collages, and I know that other people must too. And besides, it's the only way to enjoy a Kevin Costner movie! Right? There are a lot of images of scenery because this movie has such incredible beauty to it that they shouldn't be left out. I wanted to try and capture the essence of Dances With Wolves with captures that you could enjoy for a long time to come.

I spent over 50 hours capturing and getting these new images ready to post, and I loved every second of them. The images are all 830x356 and have been saved at a higher quality than the previous ones, so if you're on a dial-up connection, please be patient while they download. As of May 2011, all images will open on the same page using JQuery courtesy of Highslide JS.

a new scene I really hope you enjoy these new images... deleted scenes and all. The thumbnails represent only a portion of the larger image. Please feel free to use them in artwork and/or site layouts. Just don't hotlink to the images... it steals bandwidth. This has been a real labor of love for me, so please don't post them as yours (cropped, resized, site name removed or otherwise) on any other sites without my permission, ok? Thanks!

There are 1,000 new images... and even I didn't get through them all in one sitting. So please visit as often as you'd like. I believe that Dances With Wolves will forever be remembered as one of the greatest movies ever made, and it deserves the best that I can possibly give it. Enjoy!

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