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Black Shawl was a mystery. I couldn't guess what she was thinking and she offered no advice, no words of encouragement.

I may well have been the brunt of an inside joke that included the entire village, but I was determined.

Wind In His Hair told me that if all the gifts were gone in the morning, my offer had been accepted.

-Dances With Wolves


collages and icons created by me and various other artists

Cast and Credits
the cast of the movie and the people who made it possible

Did you know...
some information about the movie (including quotes and thoughts from cast members and those responsible for making the movie possible) source: "Dances With Wolves, The Illustrated Story of the Epic Film" by Kevin Costner, Michael Blake, and Jim Wilson

Dunbar's Journal
a *hopefully* complete list of all of John Dunbar's entries

I've lost track of how many times I've watched the extended version of the movie in order to get all of the journal entries, but alas, I get caught up in the movie every single time and forget why I started watching it in the first place... you know what I mean, don't you?

all of the awards and nominations received by the movie, cast, etc.

Original Movie Soundtrack
includes press release, track listings, and liner notes

Photo Scans
composite and closeup scans of photos from Ben Glass, the movie's still photographer

just a couple excerpts for you

South Dakota
information and images from the state where the movie was filmed

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from the special edition dvd

Actor becomes Director
images of Kevin Costner as an actor becoming a director plus some movie posters

Dvd Images
1,000 images captured by me for your enjoyment

Extra Captures
44 more images captured by me from the dvd

Photo Montage
a montage of 92 images from Ben Glass, the movie's still photographer