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It is autumn now and I am spending more time than ever with my friends. They have given me my own lodge and I feel comfortable there. We talk every day but I know Kicking Bird is frustrated with me. He always wants to know how many more white people are coming. I tell him that the white people will most likely pass through this country and nothing more.

But I am speaking in half-truths. One day there will be too many, but I cannot bring myself to tell him that. I am sure that Stands With A Fist knows that I am holding back, but to her credit, she says nothing.

-Dunbar's Journal

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So Kevin, how are you going to top this! One cannot help but fall in love with all the elements... story, cast, musical score, buffalo hunt, the beautiful images throughout. The hard work of all who put together the costumes, designed and constructed the scenes. The plight of a Nation. No other movie/story before or since has captured my heart. Thank you... Mr. Kevin Costner. I really don't have the words. - Bernard

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