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No sign of Captain Cargill's command. I don't know what to do. Communication can only take place if I leave, and I don't want to abandon my post. Made a short patrol yesterday p.m.... discovered nothing. Will go further tomorrow.

There is a wolf who seems intent on the goings-on here. He does not seem inclined to be a nuisance, however, and aside from Cisco has been my only company. He has appeared each afternoon for the past two days. He has milky white socks on both front feet. If he comes calling tomorrow, I will name him Two Socks.

-Dunbar's Journal

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I think there are so many memorable scenes in this film that it's hard to pinpoint just one but like many people the scenes with Two Socks just grab your heartstrings. A great, great movie. One of the few movies I can watch and watch again. Easily one of the greatest films ever made... A masterpiece. - Charlie H

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